Monday, 7 September 2015

Duvet day in this beautiful bedroom?!

Summer is back - or perhaps it always feels like summer in this serene Swedish bedroom? Light floors, light wood furniture, neutral colours, rattan and a touch of greenery.  Oh how I'd love be back in bed, enjoying a duvet day here right now. How about you?

55Kvadrat. Post inspired by Decordots with thanks
*sigh* so lovely! Breakfast in bed anyone?!

The only thing I notice is that it doesn't have any wardrobe space (save for the open rail). But for artistic license shall we just pretend there's a walk-in-wardrobe like this one lurking somewhere else in the flat?!

Tips on where a few items are from: Bamboo pendant light, similar chunky knit cushion here. Muuto wood light, Kritina Dam 'Vault' print, Copenhagen print.

More fabulous bedrooms include this Dutch space, this boat house and all of these lovely rooms.  And top marks for paint inspiration go to the fab bedrooms in this Parisien design hotel. You'll never bump your head in this crazy bedroom either...

Have a lovely day!

PS I've got a print give-away this weekend, if you're looking for something fab for your walls make sure you stop by!

Pictures Minimalist Wardrobe

Closet is one requirement in the house to put the objects belong to us, but the display's wardrobe for some people the main thing. Especially housewives often choose the model of the modern wardrobe because it can emit exciting atmosphere in the interior of the room either a bedroom or family room. This time we discuss design topics minimalist wardrobe with different concepts, khusu for viewers who can not wait to bring home typical of the type of furniture has several doors.
Maybe you do not know why the image design plastic wardrobe is very popular, the cause is light weight and easy to move sehinggan dibilah price could be cheaper than the wardrobe aluminum. Sketch of small house made a wardrobe minimalism as a solution to keep the room remains large or too was wasting a lot of places. The simple furnishings are different categories namely two to three-door models that are assembled together with a mirror on the front, this type of thing commonplace for women's wardrobe. A wide selection of materials cabinets you can choose according to need, plastic, wood, glass, aluminum and so on. Cabinets typically used for storing clothes, securities and high-value goods. So that the safety factor is also an important consideration in the selection of a cupboard. With a simple design and simple, cabinet models is still functional and able to give the impression of elegance to the interior of the bedroom. The characteristics of the form of cabinets minimalist design is flat and towering up to the ceiling rooms. The model's wardrobe-shaped panels that line into the wall of the house. The model can be applied to a small cupboard house with a minimalist concept. Although designed with a simple, cabinets this model still provides a touch of elegance and functional impression. Appearance of the room you are also more beautiful with a mix of cabinets and other interior. minimalist wardrobe is also included in determining what materials will be used, because the cabinet is not only a function of storing clothes, but also as a store valuables, important papers, and other personal belongings. Because of the materials used must be strong and durable. Such as teak, aluminum, glass, metal, or other. The model will have the form of lined panels, thus showing the impression into the wall in the room. Minimalist wardrobe trend today is referring to the large wardrobe and fused to the walls of the room. Design your own minimalist wardrobe also not be forgotten should match the location of the room to be used as a place of these cabinets. Room size and the size should mismatched cabinets, ranging from the length, height and width. So later on your dressing room will look beautiful and not crowded. You can choose a sliding door or sliding, the door openings like in general and other door models. So that a broad impression can still be created, you have to adjust the size of a closet to avoid the impression cramped in your bedroom. Material selection is highly dependent wardrobe needs and your taste. Image Design Wardrobe Function design minimalist wardrobe can be considered a versatile addition to put pants, t-shirts, clothing and hangers, you can put books and other equipment. Color adjustment wardrobe that is in harmony with the interior space or room you need to pay attention, pattern mismatch effect on the appearance of harmony while in the room. If you have difficulty choosing or determine the type of sample images please see below minimalist wardrobe newest, best, and most popular. Do not forget to combine the color composition of your wardrobe with color design minimalist house. You can choose colors that match the concept of home or choose a color that looks contrasting but still look harmonious. Type of wardrobe you can choose a wardrobe that many places to hang clothes if your clothing is dominated by a dress or shirt. If you have a large collection of jewelry or accessories, closet with lots of drawers was fit to be chosen. Modern minimalist design cabinets can be integrated directly in the room. If the homeowner has a vast interior space, the modern cabinet design that can instantly become part of the room. On the part of the modern wardrobe which also has a wide cupboard excess of normal. If we place a wide range of clothing, footwear and other equipment that require good air circulation. Model drawing minimalist wardrobe available matching glass for you who like to relax. Not only that, many people put a television in the midst between cabinets. To be more clear themselves should visit the seller's full of furniture stores in the nearby area for more details to ascertain whether in accordance with the above photo. We note the suggestion of the material because kulitas also different, previous meetings lens mebagikan team picture staircase and a modern children's learning table.

Doors Minimalist Design Image

Now the development of the property is indeed growing rapidly and spread to the house door model nice modern minimalist. If it does not complete a simple minimalist design house door installed in residential because it could be the object of damaging the display. Example picture minimalist house doors are always made by craftsmen as basic materials are combined with the material to beautify that seem more luxurious. Well then of that at this time Lensarumah.Com tour will give you some great photo's door if it were suitable to be applied.
Nice house should have a door that is patterned cool again, what would happen if the house is nice to have a door that ugly. Surely this door will mewakini whole house instead. Having a minimalist home does not mean the door should be as simple as possible, even at the door of the main point here where we aim more attention. Types of doors minimalist home is not only seen from the shape alone, but also the color of the selection of materials will affect the quality of the door on your minimalist home. one example for a minimalist house doors are made from wood. Doors made of wood is usually a lot of us have encountered in every home. In addition to showing the typical natural and luxurious, wooden doors can be in shape and carved so Ruma depending on customer orders or adjust to what type of home is suitable for carving wooden door. As we have suggested on medelnya best architecture can evoke the impression of luxury residential dreams of all the people. If the image model of small-sized doors minimalist house has its own advantages, apart from relatively cheaper price minimalist shape door so is small so it does not take place widely. Actually can be ordered through providers that require furniture as you wish, but sometimes we are confused in choosing the design of the door minimalist beautiful views. I personally think the minimalist door model is something that it needs to be considered especially if friends or colleagues often visit the home must be door greeters welcome. The function of selecting the model or design of the door is very important. This is needed because there is an important relationship between the beauty aspect of the house. So the better the model or design a door that is used then the better the appearance of your home will occupy. Most models of doors spread across Indonesia using wood materials. So if making home pitu choose the type of quality wood teak one kind or type of wood so on. You must have a little confused the draft door, we present Mangkanya facilitate your work by sharing photographs. The diversity of models of doors on the market, no wonder if many people are often confused when choosing one of them. Therefore, here I present to inspire you about the minimalist house door models that are suitable for your home, that will create a harmonious combination between door model with a design house that you have. Perhaps only one thing that makes it different is the size issue. But beyond it all conform with the design and color of the house. In general, homeowners prefer minimalist minimalist house with a door that has 2 doors. In fact, the doors are numbered 2 does make homes look more luxurious and spacious impressed. Try looking at the example lined door at the bottom of this paragraph might be your choice. Door models minimalist Following from its main function of the design of the door today is the trend for most people, the images help the viewer all the doors minimalist style inspiration meperoleh dream concept. Kind of door to the interior of the bedroom and other rooms are usually designed differently so harmonious, the entrance there is a 2-door model of the front of the room while the others only one. Materials used beranekara diverse, ranging from aluminimium wood mixed with a special handle can be selected according to the owner's favorite. Here is a picture of minimalist design door models the latest and greatest. Minimalist concept does not require intricate wood carvings as synonymous with simplicity, then from the wood carving on the door of a minimalist home is quite simple. for example, wooden doors patterned wavy lines, square lines, rounded lines with added glass in the middle of the door. Color selection is also quite a bit, usually only use neutral colors like black, dark brown, dark red, beige, dark green, and brown. Regardless of how many that choose what kind of door, still, all according to their respective tastes and all kinds of doors are made from wood and aluminum, iron and other alike. Determinants election doors using only one door did not matter if it fits with the overall theme and your home. The only thing that could be a problem with the door leaf this one is the difficulty of driving out-enter the new or old furniture into and out of the house because of the small track. Often makes people confused and indecisive determine which door that matches the style and model of his house. If seen, all performances are sold door does have certain advantages. That's a little drawings Most popular minimalist design house doors this month, we will share the most recent picture if there are newer products. Accuracy in terms of decorating the front door were covered with curtains minimalist actually make tampilah more unsightly, adjust the color of your wall paint minimalist home because colur large berpengarus wall in the view. Choose pintur house made of good quality wood so that rain will not easily fragile or porous. Do not forget to read our previous posts that Minimalist House Design Image Type 54 and Type 36 Interior minimalist European style.

Picture Frame Design Door Window Minimalism

These three components are indeed often related, its presence is very important for us as the owner of the house because of the beauty of the minimalist frame makes minimalist house doors and windows minimalist look more attractive. Picture frame door and window frame houses most popular models we have provided in our encounter this time, I as the admin will give a little explanation about the posting of this property to help you all know about a good house jamb mounted and suitable for your dwelling. Article minimalist design of the window frame is actually dipertemuan previously but mostly just Jenda and minimalist house door only. Our presence diperjumpaan now are presenting the best minimalist style door frames made by renowned furniture craftsmen in Indonesia Mangkanya unfortunately if you miss.
Set of design drawings doorframe latest minimalist window this year is an impressive work of the companions of the country property, you also must know if the doors and windows of the house is an icon that takes adannya in our homes. Door model is now a wide range of the latest trending concept that combines aluminum or wood material along the glass, usually worn on the main door while the bedrooms and bathrooms seem simple as well. Minimalist window sills started to note the reason people can affect the appearance of the exterior, while the interior also requires the design of windows of the house were dressed gahar. Keeping the look of the house to keep it beautiful course must be treated regularly to perfection interior and the exterior of the house looks elegant. Take home renovation if needed such as replacing doors and window design so minimalist appearance achieved desirable place to live. Door Window Frame Design Photo images doorframe popular minimalist window we get through the image search in the internet world as well as the acquisition of one of our crew camera lens, collecting some small wood frame designs allow you to imitate things will change. Among minimalist frame house that we present in the form of fancy frames, modern, elegant, and good. Designing the house interior structure has its own advantages, the design effectively produces an efficient arrangement. Everyone must want to have the interior decoration dreams but only a handful who know the tricks will do it, then why should viewers from trying to start it as much as possible though seem trivial but a big impact. Minimalist house itself is small so it is advisable to wear a tiny object so that the room is not getting narrower, minimalist example of the image frames of doors and windows newest home you can take photo dijajaran frame house below. Comments visitors sample design drawings door and window frames latest minimalist decor of the room above the judge if this is good enough to be used as reference their themes, I think you also were thinking the same thing with other viewers. Apply today's modern homes to get the feel of a comfortable dwelling gather with families to create an atmosphere of tranquility. Current information list price minimalist frame stock market properi our nation is still stable despite the recent week is increased, the price depends on the quality of materials used and brand products. We recommend to choose a top class quality frames due to its use durable or not easily damaged if exposed to rain, chose the small type customize your playhouse. Complete your visit with a look at Figure Design Home Theater Minimalist modern and nice decor Living Room, hopefully giving us a picture of the team is useful for you and to meet again next time.

A Danish sitting room transforms from summer to autumn

Although I'd love the summer to last forever, it seems the leaves are slowly turning here in Sweden and snug winter woolies are just around the corner. One of my friends in Copenhagen, Tina Fussell, photographer, writer and stylist extraordinaire, has completely embraced the new season by updating her sitting room with accessories, flowers and cushions. The dark colours create a cocoon-like feel, perfect for cosying under a blanket and wiling away a chilly scandinavian winter. These lovely pics show the gradual tranformation....

All photos: Valentina Fussell, Traveling Mama

Will you make any changes in your home this season?

A few tips on where items are from: Tom Ford book, silver coffee pot, Grey cabinet, Voluspa candle, desk light, Kartell Papyrus chair.

I couldn't resist throwing in the last pic - I think Monday's are made for long breakfasts, don't you?! Start the week as you mean to go on!

You can see a complete tour of Tina and her family's lovely Danish home here.

Other homes with rich dark grey walls include this fabulous Australian holiday home, a wonderful French home and this luxurious Swedish bedroom

Have a lovely day!

PS only a couple of days left to vote in the Amara interior blog awards (sponsored by luxury gifts & designer homeware store Amara). I'm so excited to be one of the nominees - my voting page is here, if you'd like to send a little love my way. 

PPS Swedish friends - I am volunteering with the red cross this month - if you are please interested take a look at this video (in Swedish).

Friday, 4 September 2015

A monochrome home in Helsinki, Finland

Oh Friday how I've been waiting for you! Are you up to anything fun this weekend? I wish I could say I was doing something super exciting like heading to Finland - but actually I'll just be chilling with my family here in South Sweden. But that doesn't mean we can't visit Finland in spirit, right? This is the home of Elisa (aka Minä ja Morris), a media producer, her man and daughter Stella in the heart of Helsinki.  Elisa describes her style as 'a little bit of a mix of everything' and likes to combine Scandinavian minimalism with a touch of bohemian. Her favourite things about her home are the lovely light, space, location in the heart of town and the sauna (of course!). Let's take a tour....

Photos 1,2,3,4,6 and 9  Hanne Manelius. All other pictures by @Minajamorris

What a cute bubba! May I just squish those gorgeous cheeks?!

Moving on to the home itself...have to say, I love that back wall and kitchen in matt black - it's so striking! Oh and that crate with wheels would make a perfect weekend DIY project, don't you think?

Some items I know and love: kitchen / dining - Eames wire chair, Artek golden bell lights, Marimekko Oiva tea cup, traditional espresso maker. Sitting room: Hay dot cushion in rose. Bedroom: Hay mega knit throw.

Is there anything you love in particular about this home?

Sending big love to Elisa for sending me these pics and letting us take a tour of her lovely Helsinki home (you can see more images over on instagram). Do you have any photos of your home or studio you would like to share? If so, drop me a mail!

Have a great weekend and see you Monday!

PS If I were to head to Finland I could imagine myself in this beautiful rustic cabin by the sea. What do you reckon - a good place to wile away a weekend? More Finnish homes here - scroll passed the first one.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

A charming boho dairy in the Swedish countryside

Do you ever feel like leading a simpler life in the country? I definitely do, especially when I look at homes like this. Johan and Rinas live in an old dairy outside Falkenberg on Sweden's west coast where they collect freshly laid eggs, forage for chanterelle and make homemade juice. 'Lis Mejeri' has been decorated using 'something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue' - including many things found around the house when they moved in. Johanna Bradford and Kristin Lagerqvist - were lucky enough to visit in person and took these lovely pictures. Let's take a peek...

Johanna Bradford / Kristin Lagerqvist  Lovely Life

This is definitely one to share with my family and say *guys, fancy living like this for a while?*....

Could you imagine living somewhere like this?

See more pics of the dairy here (and on their blog here). 

It reminds me a little of the beautiful Strömma Farmlodge. More boho homes not far from Lis Mejeri here.

Have a lovely day!

PS Malmö / Copenhagen friends Emily Katz popped me a note to say she is travelling from Portland, Oregon to Copenhagen to hold a modern macrame workshop this Saturday 5th September.  Thought you wouldn't want to miss it....