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Here's 10 Most Unique Building World that Make You Amazed

Perhaps you were not impressed anymore with towering buildings of up to hundreds of meters. The largest and most expensive buildings is also not surprising anymore. But you're definitely going to shake when they saw this most unique buildings.

In the world of architecture, if only focused on function and beauty, competition is so tight and definitely need the foresight to become the best architect. Well, most of these architects take a crack and the other side to architecture, which is unique.

They create a building which is unique not frivolous! Of course, his work will be remembered a lot of people, and his name to soar as architects 'crazy' because of the architectural style of the anti-mainstream.

As with any anti-mainstream unique buildings and spread across a variety of the world, this is it pictures.
1. The Basket Building (Ohio, USA)

Perhaps the owners of this company has business principles, the totality! Not enough to make quality wood basket, but the company's office must also shaped wooden cart!

The building called The Basket Buildings (the Cart) This is the headquarters of the Longaberger company. A company that produces wooden crafts such as baskets, pottery, and other household needs.

The construction costs of the building area of 180,000 of $ 30 million and it took about two years to completion.
2. Rotating Tower (Dubai, UAE)

This is the most dynamic building ever. See the picture above, the building is changing all the time. Actually not change the shape of the building, but each floor can be free to rotate in the direction desired.

So do not be surprised when the building could be changed in a matter of minutes. Building by architect Dr. David Fisher is able to rotate in one full rotation for 90 minutes.

Occupants can certainly adjust the direction of the sun, the wind, weather and scenery desired. Tuh tasty, so we are not easily bored, right?
3. Dancing House (Prague, Czech Republic)

This is not a building for dance or dance performances, dancing not the person, but the building! Look carefully deh, two buildings like the men and women who are dancing.

Let's not described, already know which buildings such as women and men, right? The architect Frank Gehry to design this building not just for building the Dutch Bank (ING), but also to create an icon in the City of Prague.
4. Seattle Central Library (Seattle, USA)

In today's digital age, library and information world is shifting towards digitization. But the architects of the central library building in Seattle, US, have other views and messages of this unique work.

That the world of printing, especially textbooks for science will never die. Made a library building with a futuristic design, but the content is still printed books plain paper.

The library building is fully clad in glass, the style of the building is also irregular and impressed this overlap. So many visitors who are interested and meet the building. The reader is also made convenient with the interior design.
5. House Upside (Szymbark, Poland)

Don't think this house upside down because of a natural disaster, you know! The design of this house is made unique like this, but the interior is not different functions too!
6. Library of Kansas City (Kansas, USA)

 If this who would not know if this building is the library?
7. Habitat 67 (Montreal, Canada)

This is what such a future housing, so economical land right?
8. Atomium (Brussels, Belgium)

Chemistry lovers will surely love with this design!
9. Wonderworks (Pigeon Forge, USA)

The palace is reversed.
10. Cubic Houses (Rotterdam, Netherlands)

Juggle Being Impressed Size Small Houses And Elegant

Buying a tiny little house nan is often the choice for young couples who want to directly own a home without having to sign. Factors financial constraints is one strong reason why they chose nan tiny little house.

But do not be discouraged. Although the house is small, does not mean you can not get the impression of spacious and elegant in your house you know. There are several things you can do to camouflage so that your house can remain memorable spacious and elegant. Here are some tips.
1. Use Furniture Multifunction

One example using furniture TV table below can be used to store a collection of family book. One thing that is important, taking into account first the size of furniture before purchasing it. Do not get too big so spend spot.

In addition, you also have the right to arrange the furniture in one room. Because less precise arrangement actually makes an impression in the room becomes chaotic and claustrophobic.
2. Combine 2 rooms Becoming One

Too many leave the walls of a room divider actually makes the house seem more cramped and claustrophobic. We recommend combining two rooms into one, such as the indoor kitchen with a dining area and family room. It makes your house look more spacious.
3. Provide Material glass or mirror in the room

You can use one or a combination of both. The large glass and transparent or mirror can give the impression that the width of the room more freely. For a large glass, more appropriate if it can connect a small garden house with a room directly.
4. Use the Lightweight Materials

Usually to cover the window of the room or space limit, you will choose the curtains. Well, use a lightweight and transparent curtains. This method is successful enough to provide an atmosphere of relief in the room.
5. Choose Paint Colors and Ceramic Gentle

Soft colors like white, beige, brown, and light blue safely used for the narrow room. Conversely, avoid paint colors and tile floors which are brightly colored and flashy. So is the furniture, try to be able to match the color of the paint and the floor.
6. Shelves Not Touching Floor

Right when you choose a hanging rack attached to the wall as home furnishings. Rack of this type still function to store goods but not too many eating places. Just keep adjusting needs and proportionate.
7. Lighting Techniques

 It is also quite effective to give the impression of more elegance to the room. To understand it, you can find inspiration from various media and internet, how to apply the techniques of lighting in the room cramped to produce an elegant impression.

Interior Lighting Design Unique And Elegant For Your House

The development of the interior design industry to this day so much changed. Each part is in the room, which was formerly only made by function, has now developed into a unique shape and add value to the interior design.

One of these lights. What was once only serves as the lighting in the room, it has now been developed in various shapes and forms. The shape is unique, beautiful and original of each designer brings special value on the lights.

For those of you who are curious, here are some of the latest light designs that became a topic of conversation among interior designers at home and abroad.
1. Molekula

Invented by Benjamin Migliore, shaped lamp geometry is indeed not only serves as a torch alone. However molekola also created as a table that is unique and valuable.

Handmade products, measuring 23 x 15 centimeters. The order in which the bars are thin intregration of  LED. And for those who are interested to have it, can contact the inventor through his Web site, Benjamin Migliore.
2. Proplamp

Shaped like a cloud, the color white as cotton and shaped variegated. In addition, other unique, this light can you hug directly without the worry of the lamp will be damaged. This is due to the inventor uses a kind of biodegradable paper sewn.

So you can vary the bentuknnya as you please. And so, people will assume that your house there are various different types of lamps. The work of these lamps is the result of collaboration between Margje Teeuwen and Erwin Zwiers.
3. bulbing

This lamp shaped 2D, but 3D can produce light optical illusion so that you can see the light when the lamp is lit hologram. This is due to the lamp parts made of acrylic variety of forms that will shape the light streaks.

Lamp designed by Studio Cheha group has various forms of optical illusions, ranging from table lamps to form a skull.
4. Lumio

Lamps claim this nation's children were getting popular in about 2013 ago. This project makes use of international funds that Kickstarter crowdfunding. Book-shaped lamp was initiated by Max Gunawan, a young man born in Jakarta.

For those who want to have, you can visit the official web Hellomulio. The latest news anyway, for those who want to order and have it, you need to spend about $ 190. And it must first sign in the waiting list for many enthusiasts, both from within and outside the country.

You definitely want to Have a Home on In Car Like This

Most people like to travel but only a few who have a true passion was. And this is for people who have become a way of life, which is so often traveling they choose to make their cars as they are. Although the house still has a large and small wheels, they are filled with comfort and functionality and even superior to than other modern apartments.
Some people prefer to stay in one place for a long time while others want to move to look for new areas. One thing is certain people who choose to live this way must be happy!
Today, the team tandapagar offer some insight to the world of mobile homes that seemed to be filled with warmth, comfort and romance of travel.
1. Small but Comfortable

Andrew and Gabriella Morrison managed to build a 20-square meter, a small house, full on their cars. Despite the small house, the building has all you need for a comfortable life: kitchen, living room with fireplace, bathroom, under stairs cupboard and two bedrooms on the upper level.
2. Friendly Home from Alek Lisefki

Alek Lisefski, a web designer from the United States, decided to live debt free and build their own low-cost houses. To this end, he bought a small trailer. Alek's house which was entirely made from environmentally friendly materials, natural.
Because many windows, there are a lot of natural light and warmth throughout the house, making it the perfect place to work and relax. Alek spent his days traveling across the country, enjoying the stunning scenery and working remotely.
3. Home Aluminium

For more than 80 years, the American company has been known for producing Airstream travel trailer. After many successful years, adequacy, the main principle of the company Airstream, still relevant to this day.
4. Vintage mini-hotel

 This vintage Airstream trailer, which is located in Malibu (USA, California), is open for rental. Perched on a hilltop overlooking the Pacific Ocean and the mountains of Santa Monica, the trailer is a major holiday experience. Trailer has a double bed, mini bar, and other amenities. But the main reason for staying here was an amazing sight.
5. Home Bus

Bus-house by Tiffin Motorhomes is the dream of every traveler. It is probably the largest house ever built on wheels. Home space is designed for maximum functionality. It has an integrated drawer cabinets, a sink that can be turned into a work surface and a sofa that turns into a double bed. The scene outside the window of interest.
6. Easy and Convenient

A comfortable van-which, if not equipped like the apartments at least be equipped like a motel room - can serve as a rural house and a home full of traveler.
7. Remote from reality

This is yet another mobile home, made by a small company that produces trailer. With an area of only 25 square meters, this house provides a full living space. It is equipped with everything you need: a fully equipped kitchen for washing machine and heating. Large windows is the best part, which features spectacular views. The house was designed khususuntuk long haul travel through beautiful places. Is not it great to enjoy different scenery every day from the comfort of your own living room?
8. Home Macy

 Macy Miller, an architect from Idaho, build a small house with his own hands a few years ago. Macy has started her own blog to write about his life in a mobile home on wheels and reveal the secrets of how to build a house.

Quite Perform 12 Simple Steps To Make Your House Comfortable

Sometimes, only one small detail can drastically change the entire interior space, and help create a unique and inspiring atmosphere at home. We try to gather some brilliant ideas that will inspire you to keep a home personality and unique charm out.
1. Wallpapers

If you are not confident with your painting skills, you can buy this beautiful wall stickers shaped like a tree in a special art store. You can also hang your family photos in the "branches".
2. Painting refrigerators

3. colorful Wallpaper
4. The mural stencils
5. Seat cushion
6. Creative Photo Frame

 7. Close the unique light
8. Decorative Pillows
You can make knitted and stitched pillows or even one that looks like a doll. They serve as striking interior details which will definitely draw the attention of all your guests.
9. Wall Panels
Wall panels always look nice in any home. You can try to make them by yourself — it isn’t as difficult as it looks!
10. Unique Flower Pot
11. Sulam image
12. Be creative! You can create something unusual even with used clothing