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Bedroom Interior Design Tips for Girls

Teaches self-reliance in children it is necessary, especially for girls. It can be started in accustom them to sleep in a room alone and apart with parents.
Do not hesitate to let your daughter be in a room and spent the rest of the night to rest there. Teach slowly and make sure that the bed itself was enjoyable.
You can start by getting your children decorate their own rooms. If your child is still confusion in arranging the bedroom, you can give them feedback.
And here are some tips you can give as input to your son to realize his dream gorgeous room.
Offer Interior Design Concepts
Some girls love to look at the cartoons main characters look pretty and cute. Thus, they are so idolized cartoon characters, for example, just a cartoon Barbie, Hello Kitty, Frozen, and so forth.
You can offer the cartoon concept for your son who likes to see the fantasy film. Maybe the kids really want a room with the shades of their favorite cartoon characters.
Suppose they were pleased with the character Hello Kitty, then you can give shades of pink to your daughters room. bed mattress with the shape of Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty study table, up to the walls of the room by Hello Kitty sticker.
That way, your child will be happy and will not hesitate to spend the night alone in a room they were so cheerful.
Coloring Room Wall
If your son is not so interested in some cartoon characters such as the first tips, you can ask your child to another desired her private room.
First of all, ask first paint color they want to smeared on the bedroom wall. Usually identical girls in pink or pink, however, not everything is as it was.

Children's tastes are different, so, better check directly with the fruit of your heart, what color they want for the walls of his room. Just give input to the sweet to choose light colors.
Bright colors can give the impression of spacious and cheerful for a kids room.
Using the Simple Furniture
Just chose some furniture that is really necessary for your child. Let's say the bed with a bed, desk, to the wardrobe. Your children are surely just require these items to his bedroom.
Or you can also pick a bedroom set for your son. You can take them to a furniture store and allow children to select their own. Later, you just give input only to them.
Whether the goods are good quality and price according to your pocket or not. 

The lighting in the room
A room must need proper lighting, especially for a child's bedroom. You can install a window large enough to get a good light in the morning and afternoon.
Then, for lighting at night, use the lights are quite bright and energy efficient. Well, for at his desk, give additional light to make their learning more concentrate while studying.

Wall Sticker
Girls usually pleased with the rooms look clean and attractive. And to add to the interest in the room, you can invite your son to buy wall sticker with a variety of characters and funny pictures.
They can choose yourself which picture they like and will stick on the walls of their room.
Your son would definitely love to get involved directly in decorating his private bedroom. They would not be disappointed with the selection and guidance you gave to get the bedroom is beautiful and interesting.

5 Simple Minimalist Home Design options that Make You Feel Comfortable

In the development of home design, concept milimalis will likely continue to grow. In fact, in a few simple minimalist home design point may be very different thin with modern home design.
Well, once again similar to this article which contains reviews of some simple minimalist house design would not be exhausted. Here are some reviews regarding simple minimalist home design that might suit your taste.
Bold Exterior Beach House
Of course, called the beach house because the house is located in coastal areas. The house is located in one of the coastal region coastal cities in Australia, Queensland City. The location is perfect for building a beach house.
The house was designed by the architectural services named Aboda Design Group, a provider of home design services from Australia. Now, with oceanfront land tends to tilt, the roof design of this house was made very skewed.
With a combination of wood materials and other building materials in general, Aboda Design Group produces beautiful beach house. The house is also equipped with other pages in the form of fine grass besides the beach as its backyard.
Wooden house
Feel free to use wood materials in a simple minimalist home design that you want. As pictures of the house above example, the wood material when combined with glass result aka very beautiful.
Besides feels natural with wood materials, green building concepts combination of wood and glass is very fitting. By using clear glass, you do not need a light to illuminate the whole house.
The house has been irradiated with various windows and glass walls enclosed to make light of the sun to go into different areas of the house with ease. How? Interesting right?
White house
Now, if the white house this one is the type of two-storey house. The unique part of course is not just a two-story house, but the roof of the house also made a 'two floor'.
One under surrounds the central part of the house, another one is the main roof located above. With simple clean white paint, you will certainly feel comfortable staying in the building with this simple minimalist home design.
This kind of home design is actually very common in Indonesia, but if you leave a slick color combination, the result will not only be called mediocre.
Leaning house
Compared to a house, simple minimalist home design this one is more like a hotel instead? By size is not small, the house is designed with a beautiful and fitting in some tilt angle.
Not only the sloping wall, the roof is also made oblique. The design is then refined by a few points clear glass walls and beautiful wooden walls. The lower part of the house is likely to have some space.
If you want to use a similar design, the bottom can you make as a cellar or basement. Basement can you make as a shed or garage that is multipurpose.

Leaves home
Although overgrown vine leaves, it does not mean the walls of this house becomes fragile and brittle. The house is located in France, with the style and form of simple, fresh leaves creeping through the walls with gorgeous.
Of course you can also design a simple minimalist design house is overgrown with vines. The more important thing is patience in growing vines.
Believe that the results would be so epic and so amazing for your home later. One easily grown vine is wine, there are also some other vines.

Interior Lighting Design Unique And Elegant For Your House

The development of the interior design industry to this day so much changed. Each part is in the room, which was formerly only made by function, has now developed into bentu-a unique and add value to the interior design.
One of these lights. What was once only serves as the lighting in the room, it has now been developed in various shapes and forms. The shape is unique, beautiful and original of each designer brings special value on the lights.
For those of you who are curious, here are some of the latest light designs that became a topic of conversation among interior designers at home and abroad.
Invented by Benjamin Migliore, shaped lamp geometry is indeed not only serves as a torch alone. However molekola also created as a table that is unique and valuable.
Handmade products, measuring 23 x 15 centimeters. The order in which the bars are thin terintrgrasi LED. And for those who are interested to have it, can contact the inventor through his Web site, Benjamin Migliore.
Shaped like a cloud, the color white as cotton and shaped variegated. In addition, other unique, this light can you hug directly without the worry of the lamp will be damaged. This is due to the inventor uses a kind of biodegradable paper sewn.
So you can vary the bentuknnya as you please. And so, people will assume that your house there are various different types of lamps. The work of these lamps is the result of collaboration between Margje Teeuwen and Erwin Zwiers.
This lamp shaped 2D, but 3D can produce light optical illusion so that you can see the light when the lamp is lit hologram. This is due to the lamp parts made of acrylic variety of forms that will shape the light streaks.
Lamp designed by Studio Cheha group has various forms of optical illusions, ranging from table lamps to form a skull.

Lamps claim this nation's children were getting popular in about 2013 ago. This project makes use of international funds that Kickstarter crowdfunding. Book-shaped lamp was initiated by Max Gunawan, a young man born in Jakarta.
For those who want to have, you can visit the official web Hellomulio. The latest news anyway, for those who want to order and have it, you need to spend about $ 190. And it must first sign in the waiting list for many enthusiasts, both from within and outside the country.

Utilizing Plant Anti Pollutants As Home Decor

Ornamental plants has many benefits. In addition to decorating the scenery and gives a cool effect, apparently there are some types of ornamental plants are able to absorb a variety of air pollutants as well as the research results from NASA or ALCA.
For those of you who love houseplants indoors, here are some ornamental tamanan that you can put in the room at the same time can absorb air pollutants. Exciting is not it?
Aloe Vera
 Aloe vera is rich in benefits. As wound healing, hair growth, basic materials pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries as well as for food and health drinks. In addition, aloe vera can also neutralize pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene and various other chemicals.
Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum)
Ornamental plants and green color combination of white comes from Africa. Its spread has been up in various parts of the world. Has a height of up to 60 centimeters. Often we find a plant resembling a spider is to decorate the room.
Plant spider plant has the ability to absorb a variety of air pollutants such as benzene, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, xylene and other chemicals that mostly came from rubber and printing industries.

Gerber Daisy (Gerbera jamesonii)
Indonesian People often call with Gerbera. This plant also does not come from Indonesia, you know, but from South Africa. Colorful petals in one clump of plants. Often also used as cut flowers along with carnations, roses and tulips.
Plants that are well suited to decorate this room has the ability to neutralize the toxic trichlorethylene. Right, if placed in the bathroom, bedroom, or wash room.

(Sansevieria trifasciata)
Ornamental plant often used in this room has the ability to neutralize a wide range of airborne toxins. Among such as nicotine, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, trichlorethylene, benzene, and dioxins.
Dragon Tree (Dracaena marginata)
Originating from Madagascar and Mauritius, plant shrubs manifold is able to absorb the poison in the room. Among xylene, trichlorethylene and formaldehyde. Most of these toxins as a result of varnishes and gasoline.

How to set up Small Houses Be Impressed Size And Elegant

Buying a tiny little house nan is often the choice for young couples who want to directly own a home without having to sign. Factors financial constraints is one strong reason why they chose nan tiny little house.
But do not be discouraged. Although the house is small, does not mean you can not get the impression of spacious and elegant in your house you know. There are several things you can do to camouflage so that your house can remain memorable spacious and elegant. Here are some tips.
Use Furniture Multifunction
One example using furniture TV table below can be used to store a collection of family book. One thing that is important, taking into account first the size of furniture before purchasing it. Do not get too big so spend spot.
In addition, you also have the right to arrange the furniture in one room. Because less precise arrangement actually makes an impression in the room becomes chaotic and claustrophobic.
Combine 2 rooms Becoming One
Too many leave the walls of a room divider actually makes the house seem more cramped and claustrophobic. We recommend combining two rooms into one, such as the indoor kitchen with a dining area and family room. It makes your house look more spacious.
Provide Material glass or mirror in the room
You can use one or a combination of both. The large glass and transparent or mirror can give the impression that the width of the room more freely. For a large glass, more appropriate if it can connect a small garden house with a room directly.
Use the Lightweight Materials
Usually to cover the window of the room or space limit, you will choose the curtains. Well, use a lightweight and transparent curtains. This method is successful enough to provide an atmosphere of relief in the room.
Choose Paint Colors and Ceramic Gentle
Soft colors like white, beige, brown, and light blue safely used for the narrow room. Conversely, avoid paint colors and tile floors which are brightly colored and flashy. So is the furniture, try to be able to match the color of the paint and the floor.
Shelves Not Touching Floor
Right when you choose a hanging rack attached to the wall as home furnishings. Rack of this type still function to store goods but not too many eating places. Just keep adjusting needs and proportionate.
Lighting Techniques
It is also quite effective to give the impression of more elegance to the room. To understand it, you can find inspiration from various media and internet, how to apply the techniques of lighting in the room cramped to produce an elegant impression.

Want to Make Your home page Cramped But Parks? This solution

Try to pay attention, a lot of houses in urban areas do not have a lot of vacant land to be used as a green park. Though its presence is needed to give the impression of beautiful and cool in the house.
Although small, the remaining land could be made into a green garden that can provide a refreshing effect in our eyes. some of these tips you can try to turn your little garden looks more spacious and comfortable.
 Note the size of the plants that you use
Try coherent matching between large and small plants. Although your land a narrow, but not just a small plant that can be placed there.
Way stacking biggest crop on the back, then the medium-sized and small in the front.
This will make the whole plant looks in a neat arrangement. In addition, the garden looks more spacious than before.
Use Color Assorted
In addition to an assortment of sizes, you can also use plants with different types and different colors.
In addition, apply also different paint colors on the walls and furniture in the garden. orange, yellow, red, blue or green can be the right choice.
Provide Empty Space
One thing that is important in the garden arrangement that is still given a blank space in the middle. This is very useful when you do a treatment plant and when tidying up the garden. in addition, it will also give a broad effect on the park.
Placing plants with Good

Besides placing large plants in the back and a small one in the front, you can also put the plant in a vertical position.
In this way, the vertical space can be exploited better. Plants can grow faster. Parks also looks more beautiful.
Using garden furniture Small Size
Because the garden you have cramped, the furniture used was supposed to be small-sized. Also, do not put too much furniture that does not look more narrow.
Do not forget to put furniture in the corner of the room so that the middle part remains empty.

You Definitely Want Got a Home in the Car Like This Photo

Most people like to travel but only a few who have a true passion was. And this is for people who have become a way of life, which is so often traveling they choose to make their cars as they are. Although the house still has a large and small wheels, they are filled with comfort and functionality and even superior to than other modern apartments.
Some people prefer to stay in one place for a long time while others want to move to look for new areas. One thing is for sure - people who choose to live this way must be happy!
Today, we offer some insight to the world of mobile homes that seemed to be filled with warmth, comfort and romance of travel.
Small but Comfortable
Andrew and Gabriella Morrison managed to build a 20-square meter, a small house, full on their cars. Despite the small house, the building has all you need for a comfortable life: kitchen, living room with fireplace, bathroom, under stairs cupboard and two bedrooms on the upper level.
Friendly home from Alek Lisefki
 Alek Lisefski, a web designer from the United States, decided to live debt free and build their own low-cost houses. To this end, he bought a small trailer. Alek's house which was entirely made from environmentally friendly materials, natural.
Because many windows, there are a lot of natural light and warmth throughout the house, making it the perfect place to work and relax. Alek spent his days traveling across the country, enjoying the stunning scenery and working remotely.
Aluminium house
For more than 80 years, the American company has been known for producing Airstream travel trailer. After many successful years, adequacy, the main principle of the company Airstream, still relevant to this day.
Vintage mini-hotel
 This vintage Airstream trailer, which is located in Malibu (USA, California), is open for rental. Perched on a hilltop overlooking the Pacific Ocean and the mountains of Santa Monica, the trailer is a major holiday experience. Trailer has a double bed, mini bar, and other amenities. But the main reason for staying here was an amazing sight.
Houses Bus 
 Bus-house by Tiffin Motorhomes is the dream of every traveler. It is probably the largest house ever built on wheels. Home space is designed for maximum functionality. It has an integrated drawer cabinets, a sink that can be turned into a work surface and a sofa that turns into a double bed. The scene outside the window of interest.

The plants can be used as fence Beautiful Life

Do you want to have the feel of a beautiful natural themed house? With the location of the homes located in urban areas sometimes it is rather difficult to make it happen.

The dream house that you do not have to be met leafy trees, to bring natural shades in the house one can use plants that can be used as a fence.

There are several types of plants that fit and you can make as a fence.

There are plants 'Teh-tehan or Titian'. As the name implies, this plant is similar to tea at a glance. He included a shrub.
Tea-tehan very suitable for use as a fence because it has the characteristics of dense leaf so that it can shut down the sights.
If the leaves have grown dense irregular, diligent to cut it regularly.
Furthermore, there is a 'Tea-tehan Japan'. Tea-tehan Japan has characteristics similar to the tea-tehan above.
The difference of these plants often flower and fruit but not to be eaten. Leave it so beautiful yellow color when the sun gets hot enough.
However, if protected from the heat of the sun will be colored green.
In addition to the above plants, flowers Soka also suitable if used plants to the fence. Will look very pretty and beautiful if he made a fence with flowers that are red.
The plant is a shrub and easily trimmed. He needs to be watered regularly and heavily composted.
In addition to Soka flowers, flower Shoes are also suitable as flowering plants to the fence. He was very fond of sunlight.
You can perform transplants to breed her.
Ornamental bamboo plants can also be used for fencing. Plants of this type is easily available. Bamboo is suitable for ornamental bamboo fence is chopped into small pieces.
You can plant it in a manner so as to form a fence lined lovely and it frequently to keep growing neatly trimmed.
There are also herbs that can be used as a hedge plant that Beluntas. In addition sabagai can be used as herbal medicines and herbs, it can be used for fencing perkarangan home.
No need special treatment, it can grow properly. But in order to appear neat, take care and need to trimmed once a month.
You can choose the types of plants above to be used as a hedge plant.