Saturday, 4 February 2017

Interior Lighting Design Unique And Elegant For Your House

The development of the interior design industry to this day so much changed. Each part is in the room, which was formerly only made by function, has now developed into a unique shape and add value to the interior design.

One of these lights. What was once only serves as the lighting in the room, it has now been developed in various shapes and forms. The shape is unique, beautiful and original of each designer brings special value on the lights.

For those of you who are curious, here are some of the latest light designs that became a topic of conversation among interior designers at home and abroad.
1. Molekula

Invented by Benjamin Migliore, shaped lamp geometry is indeed not only serves as a torch alone. However molekola also created as a table that is unique and valuable.

Handmade products, measuring 23 x 15 centimeters. The order in which the bars are thin intregration of  LED. And for those who are interested to have it, can contact the inventor through his Web site, Benjamin Migliore.
2. Proplamp

Shaped like a cloud, the color white as cotton and shaped variegated. In addition, other unique, this light can you hug directly without the worry of the lamp will be damaged. This is due to the inventor uses a kind of biodegradable paper sewn.

So you can vary the bentuknnya as you please. And so, people will assume that your house there are various different types of lamps. The work of these lamps is the result of collaboration between Margje Teeuwen and Erwin Zwiers.
3. bulbing

This lamp shaped 2D, but 3D can produce light optical illusion so that you can see the light when the lamp is lit hologram. This is due to the lamp parts made of acrylic variety of forms that will shape the light streaks.

Lamp designed by Studio Cheha group has various forms of optical illusions, ranging from table lamps to form a skull.
4. Lumio

Lamps claim this nation's children were getting popular in about 2013 ago. This project makes use of international funds that Kickstarter crowdfunding. Book-shaped lamp was initiated by Max Gunawan, a young man born in Jakarta.

For those who want to have, you can visit the official web Hellomulio. The latest news anyway, for those who want to order and have it, you need to spend about $ 190. And it must first sign in the waiting list for many enthusiasts, both from within and outside the country.


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