Saturday, 4 February 2017

Juggle Being Impressed Size Small Houses And Elegant

Buying a tiny little house nan is often the choice for young couples who want to directly own a home without having to sign. Factors financial constraints is one strong reason why they chose nan tiny little house.

But do not be discouraged. Although the house is small, does not mean you can not get the impression of spacious and elegant in your house you know. There are several things you can do to camouflage so that your house can remain memorable spacious and elegant. Here are some tips.
1. Use Furniture Multifunction

One example using furniture TV table below can be used to store a collection of family book. One thing that is important, taking into account first the size of furniture before purchasing it. Do not get too big so spend spot.

In addition, you also have the right to arrange the furniture in one room. Because less precise arrangement actually makes an impression in the room becomes chaotic and claustrophobic.
2. Combine 2 rooms Becoming One

Too many leave the walls of a room divider actually makes the house seem more cramped and claustrophobic. We recommend combining two rooms into one, such as the indoor kitchen with a dining area and family room. It makes your house look more spacious.
3. Provide Material glass or mirror in the room

You can use one or a combination of both. The large glass and transparent or mirror can give the impression that the width of the room more freely. For a large glass, more appropriate if it can connect a small garden house with a room directly.
4. Use the Lightweight Materials

Usually to cover the window of the room or space limit, you will choose the curtains. Well, use a lightweight and transparent curtains. This method is successful enough to provide an atmosphere of relief in the room.
5. Choose Paint Colors and Ceramic Gentle

Soft colors like white, beige, brown, and light blue safely used for the narrow room. Conversely, avoid paint colors and tile floors which are brightly colored and flashy. So is the furniture, try to be able to match the color of the paint and the floor.
6. Shelves Not Touching Floor

Right when you choose a hanging rack attached to the wall as home furnishings. Rack of this type still function to store goods but not too many eating places. Just keep adjusting needs and proportionate.
7. Lighting Techniques

 It is also quite effective to give the impression of more elegance to the room. To understand it, you can find inspiration from various media and internet, how to apply the techniques of lighting in the room cramped to produce an elegant impression.


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